camp creek

“do you want a worm or a minnow…?”

i was invited by david and keta jones to spend sunday at camp creek… (keta is “keta’s hallmak” in town)

camp creek is located in roberson county… or four miles east of new baden.. or… somewhere in the boonies…

the pope family was there – i shot a portrait session with them 10 months ago… 1 month ago, conner popped out… he felt left out, so i got some face time with the little dude…

the rest of the day was spent boating with ben, feeding deer some corn with my hand, bocce ball and fishing.. and by fishing, i mean spending 10 minutes baiting a minnow on a hook and accidentally snagging a snapping turtle by the shell…







  1. JP, Congrats on the new blog. You need to get an RSS feed on this thing so we can subscribe and follow along! 🙂

    Hope all is well!
    N & B

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